Kyoto hot spring Hatoya Zuihokaku

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You can see artwork spreading all over Hatoya Zuihokaku. Enjoy the works by our specially selected artists.

Hideki Kimura - Painter
Taught at Kyoto City University of Arts after graduating from the design course at that university.At the dawn of Japanese rock music, he produced many legendary events as an organizer.He became a painter after his retirement.He has created about 100 wall painting works inside and outside the country.In 2012, he was selected as the first artist of TBS NEWS 23X art project “23XArt” and campaign visual of “Japan. Thank you” launched by Japan Tourism Agency.

Hideki Kimura

Designed on the walls of the large spa, the Tokonoma alcove of the Japanese style banquet hall, the fence for construction work, and so on.

Eriko Horiki - Japanese Washi paper designer
Founded SHIMUS in 1987.Founded ERIKO HORIKI & ASSOCIATES in 2000.She has been creating innovative expressions of Washi paper in various places such as commercial and public facilities, and scenic design.

Eriko Horiki

Reception counter  -  Washi paper tapestry made by Eriko Horiki


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