Kyoto Hot Spring

Hatoya Zuihokaku


Welcome to
Hatoya Zuihokaku

Hatoya Zuihokaku is
a Japanese hotel located near Kyoto Station
that offers private natural hot spring baths.
In order for our guests to
fully experience Kyoto,
we have carefully refined our facilities,
and our staff confidently offer services
with a focus on Japanese 'omotenashi' hospitality.
Come and savor Kyoto cuisine
and the natural hot springs
we pride ourselves on,
while experiencing an atmosphere
that combines the warmth
of both Japanese and the Western.

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802 Minamifudodo-cho, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

For guests coming from Kyoto Station

  • ■Get off at Kyoto Station. We are about a 5-minute walk from the Karasuma Central Gates or the West Gates (on the North-South Free Passage side on 2F)
  • ■Get off at Kyoto Station on the Subway Karasuma Line. We are about a 7-minute walk from the Central Exit
  • ■Get off at Kintetsu Kyoto Station. After exiting from the Kintetsu Central Gates and taking the North-South Free Passage, it is about a 5-minute walk to our hotel
  • ■We are about a 5-minute walk from the Kyoto Station Karasuma Bus Terminal

Closest Bus Stop

  • ■We are about a 1-minute walk from the Kyoto City Bus 'Shimogyo-ku Sogochosha-mae' Stop

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  • Basement First Floor
  • The First Floor
  • The Second Floor
  • The Third Floor
  • The Fourth Floor
  • The Fifth Floor
  • The Sixth Floor
  • The Seventh Floor
  • The Eighth Floor
  • The Rooftop

Guest Rooms


A Japanese atmosphere
of inviting warmth.

Not simply divided into Japanese and western rooms, our Japanese modern rooms incorporate the charm of Japanese tatami flooring with the functionality of western facilities.
These warm and inviting spaces have been carefully designed down to the very last light.





Hatoya's Kyoto courses feature locally-grown Kyoto vegetables and top quality ingredients sourced from around Japan.
The bright and spacious interior lets you fully savor the charming flavors of Kyoto.
In addition to our 'kaiseki' course menu, we also offer a regular lunch menu, hot pot dishes, Kyoto sweets and more.

- Hours -

Lunch hours: 11:30 to 14:30 (last order at 14:00)
Dinner hours: 17:00 to 22:00 (last order at 21:30)

- TEL -


Natural Hot Springs

Our private hot spring baths are the only natural hot springs
located in the Kyoto Station area.
Surrounded by the fragrance of wood,
enjoy a moment of luxury while gazing out upon the mountains of Kyoto.

Higashiyama Bath (Rocky type)

The Higashiyama Bath is an 'iwa-no-yu' type bath where the spring wells up from the bathtub floor. Enjoy the extraordinary relaxation this space offers.
At the Higashiyama Bath, you can view intricate wall paintings of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves from the artist Hideki Kimura.

Higashiyama Bath

Nishiyama Bath (Wooden type)

The Nishiyama Bath is a 'ki-no-yu' type wooden bath.
Surrounded by steam and the fragrance of wood, this bath loosens muscles for the entire body. The spring water moistly conforms to the skin, gently washing away your daily fatigue, so you can enjoy a moment of luxury while experiencing the charm of Kyoto. At the Nishiyama Bath, you can view the intricate wall paintings of gourds and sacred bamboo from the artist Hideki Kimura.

Higashiyama Bath

Onsen Information

Our Natural Hot Springs

Our large bath uses natural hot springs welling up from 910m below our hotel. We are the only natural hot springs that you can enjoy in the Kyoto Station area. Hydrogen carbonate hot springs are generally referred to as 'bihada-no-yu' for their skin beautifying effects, and chloride springs as 'atatamari-no-yu' for their body-warming properties.

Building fire prevention and safety



802 Minamifudodo-cho, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Kyoto Hot Spring Hatoya Zuihokaku

Web Contact Form


Common questions

Can I pay by credit card? What kind of credit cards do you accept?
We accept the following credit cards for payment of accommodation and restaurant bills.
JAL, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, AMEX, UC, DC, NICOS, SAISON, AEON, Cedyna, China UnionPay
Do you have a parking lot? If yes, do you provide hotel guests with complimentary parking?
Please use the coin parking service adjoining the south side of our hotel.
There are a limited number of spaces available, so please reserve in advance if you wish to use this parking lot.
*If parking is full, we will direct you to another location in the area (reservations and discounts do not apply).
For hotel guests, 2,500 yen from 3:00 pm to 10:00 am the following morning.
Do you have designated smoking areas?
Smoking is allowed in the designated areas on the 1st floor lobby, the 2nd banquet floor, and and 7th floor.
Do you have wheelchair accessible restrooms and wheelchairs available for guests?
Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the 1st and 2nd floors. We have wheelchairs for guests. However, the number is limited and advanced reservation is required.
Are service dogs and pets allowed to enter the hotel?
Service dogs accompanying and providing assistance to disabled guests are allowed in the hotel. However, pets are not allowed. For guests visiting with pets, please use one of the pet hotels available in the area.

Questions about accommodation

What is your cancellation policy?
When a reservation is made directly with us, the following percentages of your total accommodation fees are charged as cancellation fees.
Cancellation one day prior to the scheduled arrival date ・・・ 20%
Cancellation on the scheduled arrival date ・・・ 80%
-show without notice on the scheduled arrival date ・・・100%
*For reservations made through a travel agency or online, other conditions may apply.
Do guests have to pay accommodation deposits?
We request our guests to pay a sum equivalent to your accommodation fee upon check-in. Bills for other services used during your stay (e.g. phone calls, meals, massage services…etc.) will be charged upon check-out.
I'd like to send my luggage to the hotel prior to my arrival. Would it be possible for you to receive it?
Yes. In addition to our address, please write the check-in date and name which your reservation is under in the remarks column of the delivery slip. You can send your luggage to our reception desk at the address below.
Hatoya Reception Desk 802 Minamifudodo-cho Nishinotoin Shiokoji-sagaru Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 600-8234
Phone: 075-361-8108
Please be sure to write the name of the guest or person who made the reservation and check-in date.
Can I send out my luggage from your hotel?
We can arrange express delivery service at the reception.
We also have cardboard boxes (for purchase) and tape (free of charge) available.
Can you hold my luggage before check-in and after check-out?
Yes, we can. However, the name on the luggage must match that of the guest in order to be held.
*We accept advance shipment up to 3 days before your arrival.
Is internet access available in the guest rooms?
High speed internet via LAN cable and Wi-Fi access points are available for free in all guest rooms.
We do not provide guests with LAN cables. Please bring your own cable if you wish to use the LAN connection.
For guests wishing to use Wi-Fi, please refer to the information book for the security number before use.
*Some paid websites may be inaccessible on your computer due to facility internet settings or other reasons.
*We do not provide computer rental services or support connecting your computer.
Are there any non-smoking guest rooms?
All guest rooms are non-smoking. Smoking facilities are available on the 1st, 2nd, and 7th floors.
Do guest rooms have refrigerators?
All guest rooms have a refrigerator. However, drinks are not provided. Please use the beverage vending machines on the 8th floor.
Is room service available?
We do not offer room service for meals, but it is available for dessert. Please contact the restaurant Eijuan on the 1st floor for details.
Can kids stay for free?
Children of preschool age or younger can stay free of charge.
Are kid's pajamas and slippers available?
We have yukata (casual cotton kimono) and slippers for children. We also have large sizes available for adults. Please inquire at our front desk for details.
Do you arrange for massages?
Yes. Massages are available upon reservation from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am.
Do you have a large spa?
A large spa is available to all our guests on the 8th floor. Hours are from 6:30 am to 9:30 am and 3:00 pm to midnight. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are provided in the large spa, but towels are not. Please bring one from your room.
Are guests allowed to wear yukata and slippers outside the guest rooms?
Guests may wear yukata and slippers between the 2nd and 8th floors. However, we ask guests not to wear these on the 1st floor (including the restaurant) and in the basement multipurpose hall (karaoke room).
Do you have easily accessible guest rooms for the elderly and persons in wheelchairs?
We have two rooms designed for any type of guest. Their entrances are large enough for wheelchair access, and there are handrails affixed inside the room. The bathroom also has an easy-to-use sliding door. As rooms are limited, please ask about availability when making your reservation.
Can you accommodate school groups?
Yes. Please call our reservation phone number (075-361-1231) for room availability, prices, and details.
Are there any convenience stores near the hotel?
Yes. There are three within a 5-minute walk from the hotel.
Do you have a curfew?
No. Receptionists are on duty 24 hours. However, the entrance is closed and entering/exiting the hotel is limited during the following hours.
1st floor entrance closed 1:00 am – 6:00 am
(Contact the receptionist on the intercom next to the entrance if you need to be let inside.)

Questions about our restaurant

Are restaurant reservations required?
We recommend making a reservation as the number of tables is limited.
*Contact the restaurant directly for reservations and inquiries.
[Restaurant phone number] Eijuan 075-341-8108
Is a cancellation fee incurred for cancelling a restaurant reservation?
There is no penalty for cancellations made by the day before your reservation.
Are there any non-smoking tables in the restaurant?
Our restaurant is non-smoking.
Do you have dishes for guests with food allergies?
It depends on the type of allergy, but we are able to prepare meals without using common food allergens such as eggs or milk. We will try our best to meet your requests. Please consult with us in advance.
Do you have vegetarian dishes?
We do not have regular vegetarian menu items but will try our best to meet your requests. Please consult with us in advance.
Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible?
Our restaurant is wheelchair accessible.
Are babies allowed in the restaurant? Is it okay to bring in a stroller?
Guests can enjoy dining with their infants and children at our restaurant.
Do you have a bar?
We have an authentic bar available on our 1st floor that carries a selection of around 700 types of malt whiskey.
12:00 pm to 2:00 am

Questions about banquets

Can I make a provisional reservation? By when should I make an official reservation?
You can make a reservation provisionally. However, we request for your final decision within a week of making the provisional reservation. We do not charge a cancellation fee in the event that a provisional reservation is cancelled.
After making a reservation, up until when can I change the number of my party? When is a cancellation fee charged?
If the change is for more than 10 people, we must be notified by noon 10 days prior to the banquet. Changes of less than 10 may be made up until 3 days prior to the banquet. After this, the amount charged will be based on the number of guests as of 3 days prior to your reservation.
Do you charge different prices for children? Also, do you have children’s meals?
We do not have banquet plans for children. However, we can provide meals suitable for children, such as hamburger patties and fried prawns. Please consult with our staff for details.
Do you have tatami-matted banquet rooms?
Yes. We have one on the 7th floor.
Is internet access available in the banquet rooms?
Yes. We provide Wi-Fi internet access in all the banquet rooms.
Can I bring in equipment prior to the banquet?
We can hold your equipment at the front desk or cloakroom on the 2nd floor. You can have it delivered to us. However, depending on the content, size and number of items or whether they contain valuables or precision equipment, we may not be able to hold your belongings. Please ask us in advance.
Can I bring in devices such as a projector?
It depends on the device, so please ask our staff in advance.
Can I bring in drinks from outside?
We are sorry, but guests are not allowed to bring in outside beverages.
Can you prepare special meals for guests with food allergies?
Please consult with us in advance. We will ask you about your allergy concerns and try our best to meet your requests.
Do you have a pick-up service?
We do not offer a free pick-up service, but we can arrange for buses that require a fee.